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Cyprus maronite part was invaded in 1970 by the Turquish army who divided the island and ousted the Maronite community from their villages.


For the first time in its history, a Maronite patriarch visited Cyprus and made a tour in these occupied territories. Barricades, United forces troops to separate the two parts like it used to be in Lebanon...


Ruins, destructed villages, churches turned into bunkers and into artillery fortifications, devastated lands and homes, etc.


Despite all, Emilie, a woman of 94 years who was shot by a French photographer during the battle, decided to struggle and to face the Turkish troops by remaining in her village and in her house even after the end of the war. 


More than 40 years during which she faced every new Turkish commander, every new regiment, with her smile, her strength wiliness and her bravery.


Will thèse Maronites form Lebanese origin be able one day to recover their lands ? Will they be able to profit from their heritage ?

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