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    The Jalyatouna team has spent 6 days in the Sultanate of Oman, discovering the success of the local Lebanese community, the culture and the beauty of the country, the good people, the good administration and the peace atmosphere of a country that is much distinguishable, among the whole  countries of the Arab Gulf. 

    Wait for the broadcast of the full report, soon on our chain. 

    If you are interested by receiving infos about the Jalyatouna report on the Sultanate of Oman, click here to give us tour contacts. We will keep you posted...



    The Omani people believe that they are the real descendants of the Phoenician civilization.

    They are convinced that the Phoenicians left the city of Tyre in the Sultanate of Oman to build another one on the southern shore of Lebanon.

    They think that the Phoenician did the same with the village of Saadyate.

    In fact 25% of the Omani people has a Phoenician DNA.

    Will the report give the answer ?