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Musea Charisma has two main objectives :

1) help humanitarian NGO’s get the necessary funds for the financing of their sustainable development projects. Through its network, its event management abilities, its seriousness and its sustainability,the team of Musea Charisma allows the NGO’s focus their energy on creating and managing their respective projects.

Musea Charisma reserves to these NGO’s its know how in communication, his press and journalists network, its network of worldwide funding organizations on the social and economic levels.


2) enhance the commitment of the Lebanese diaspora all over the world and encourage them to reconnect with Lebanon throughout different projects. Among these projects Jalyatouna, a TV documentaries series on the Lebanese community in cities, areas or countries where there are more than 2000 persons from Lebanese descent.


To reach its goals, Musea Charisma has a data base of 46 650 E-Mail addresses in Lebanon and 1,2 millions of Lebanese worldwide who are receiving 3 or 4 times a year a report on Musea Charisma activities.


Commitment, seriousness, professionalism, creativity, anticipation, marketing, endurance, and readiness are the denominators of our action. 


Relationships, network of efficient people, performant people, well awareness of the market and its actors,  constitute the basics of our strategic plans. 


Our baseline : it's by giving that we acquire and by taking that we give...